Increase Your Lab Productivity

Learn key lean concepts to boost your lab throughput and work more effectively

  • Increase efficiency with smart working layouts
  • The 8 sources of waste in a lab
  • Practical ways to implement the 5S in your lab
  • ...and much more!

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What you will learn

In this guide, I will share some ideas to assist with the application of key lean principles to ensure your lab is gaining return on investment including more accurate outcomes, faster throughput and more net profit to the bottom line.

Work Cells vs Traditional Layouts

Reduce laboratory in-process inventory and material handling…


VSM assists with introspection as well as analysis and process improvement…

Value Stream Mapping


8 Sources of Waste

Use the DOWNTIME acronym to eliminate many types of wastes…


Get on the road to Lean with practical application of the 5S methodology...

Implementation of 5S


About the Author

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As head of Westlab Projects division, Russell has over 15 years experience working with laboratory professionals, builders and architects to design efficient laboratory work spaces that yield high ROI.

Russell Grace

Projects Director, Westlab

Increase Your Lab Productivity


Learn high impact lean concepts to boost sample throughput and work more effectively