On-time project delivery is perhaps one of the most crucial steps when refurbishing or building a new laboratory. The value that a laboratory manager or organisation places on operational stability from a corporate viewpoint is usually huge. Laboratories, whether industrial, research-based, or testing, are often the decider in a companies’ processes. In the case of pathology and diagnostics however, the laboratory is the lifeline. Without laboratory processes, a pathology simply would cease to operate. Therefore, on-time project delivery in these spaces is essential to prevent huge expenses in the interim.

In-house drafting capabilities

The most crucial element to a laboratory design and fitout process is the design. Drafting a laboratory, particularly a large commercial lab, requires many focussed hours of work. Laboratory plans are no mere drawing.

By contrast, an external drafting party has many obstacles which obstruct the efficiency of the design process. Planning the lab requires a thorough knowledge of the furniture system, requires initial drawing and elevations and an understanding of the specifications needed. Often a third-party drafting team will lack this expertise and therefore the process becomes fragmented and cumbersome. An agile team – made possible by an in-house drafting workforce – is able to adapt to last-minute requirements and is able to have a far better drafting turnaround than external parties.

Sovereign Capabilities

With capability for all facets of the process within our country, Westlab Projects’ ability to rely on sovereign capabilities rather than foreign industry places us very well to deliver the highest quality within the best timeframe.

Where foreign industry reliance immediately brings in doubt, sovereign capabilities give delivery assurance as well as quality control. In the current climate of supply insecurity, importing materials makes for extended timeframes, increased costs and ultimately poorer delivery of the laboratory installation.

Sovereign capabilities – to many, ironically – give Westlab a competitive advantage. Having chosen to manufacture locally, the commitment lies in providing a hassle-free experience. Our whole core function lies on the ability to provide the best quality products with the best lead times on the market. Enabled by Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capabilities, we are thus able to close the gap of inoperative time while the laboratory is being installed.

Local Resourcing

The ability to deliver compliance is another crucial element to laboratory installation. Using a local network of accredited personnel such as installers allows a greater element of quality control, and ultimately, full compliance. Using experienced installers allows the laboratory to be delivered on time and with the least hassle possible. Accredited installers will minimise the risk of non-compliance and subsequent needs to reinstall the laboratory, saving precious time and money. By contrast, generic joinery installers will often times miss out the key details when installing the more specialised laboratory-focussed systems.

Agile Project Management

Experienced and agile project managers are the conductors that orchestrate the process with minimal hassle. As changes in funding, requirements, operational procedures and corporate decisions can happen at any stage of the project, agility in the project management phase is a must-have. Absorbing changes and catering for the needs of the client cannot be done with rigidity in project management, as requirements must be adjusted. Delivering the project on-time (unless changes are significant) can be achieved with the skill of project managers that are experienced and capable in the field of scientific familiarity.